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at -110 °C
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Thermal spa

Thermes Spa in Europe historically developed from former cure centres that were built near to springs with natural warm water, salt water or water with a special chemical composition. Due to a shift in health policies, and new treatment and equipment developments, many of them changed their business models to bathing areas with a lot of attractions and large spas.

Thermes spas are often related to local hotels and other public service facilities.

Cold Sauna in thermes spa

The orientation of thermes spa varies a lot with the applied spa philosophy and available spa menu. 

The icelab −110 °C combines adventure with the attraction of being “the coolest place in town”, while also providing a strong focal point for sports and medical wellness programmes.

From a classical hot spring Spessart Therme was developed as an industry benchmark with a great variety of offers. The icelab −110 °C is located in a newly designed area between wellness, therapy and a fitness club. 

The cold chamber icelab −110 °C is used as a perfect start to a wellbeing day, for a fast refreshment of body and mind, in a medical context and to optimise sports activities. 

In addition, Spessart Therme has developed a great variety of collaborations integrating whole body cryotherapy with other local service providers such as hotel businesses, sports clubs, health service providers … and various associations.

Cold Sauna icelab -110 °C at Spessart Therme