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Pop Up Spa // Ad Hoc Spa

 The trend pop up spa includes offerings such as quick chair massages and express facials to more extensive spa feature menus reduced to a minimum amount of time needed. Pop up or ad hoc spa you find for example in airports especially designed for passengers to refresh themselves before or after their flights.They’re typically found in the exclusive airport lounges for frequent travellers and guests in business and first class. 

Similar concepts, as ad hoc spa or pop up spa, can be applied to business hotels, convention hotels and even shopping centres. All these business models have one thing in common: customers are hungry for stress relief and often don’t have much time to sample the spa menu.

Cold sauna designed for airport spas & ad hoc spas

The most critical points for a pop up spa or ad hoc spa menu are time efficiency and ease of use with a maximum effect for the client.

A cold sauna treatment is very short and easy to implement, making it perfectly suited to pop up spas. Soon you will even find salons focused only to offer icelab cold sauna treatments.

Benefits include:


  • Refreshing effects, 
  • improvement of wellbeing and sleep patterns
  • a boost to the cardiovascular system and metabolism
  • reduced stress levels

Just what’s needed before and after a long haul flight, a never ending business meeting, a short night...