Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Medical spa: Wellness

Medical spas provide comprehensive treatments orientated towards preventive care and as an alternative or supplementary addition to classical healing methods. 

They are distinguished by special protocols, installations and in-house staff or external professionals who offer their services at certain designated times within the medical spa. 

These facilities – sometimes called wellness clinics – combine healthy spa cuisine, physical therapy, manual therapy, wellness packages, sports and fitness activities.

Why cold sauna in medical spas

The icelab −110 °C is designated for the use in medical spa wellness as it has its origin in the medical field, where it’s being used very successfully in hospitals, clinics and medical practices with thousands of happy patients. 

The effects of whole body cryotherapy at −110 °C can be divided into immediate short term effects that last for two to four hours and long lasting health benefits, that occur after a series of treatments in the cold sauna to alleviate many different conditions, e.g. chronic pain. 

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