Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Destination spa

Destination spas offer a comprehensive spa experience complete with fitness activities, spa cuisine, wellness treatments, educational programmes and spiritual programmes to lead their guests towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Why cold sauna in destination spas

The first aim of arriving at a destination spa is to free your mind and refresh your body. The cold sauna, icelab -110 °C, immediately helps guests to leave their daily burdens and stress behind, allowing them to open up their minds and take charge of their own wellbeing. A cold sauna supports them in getting their body in shape by balancing key aspects of their psycho-physical wellbeing and strengthening their whole system, from their cardiovascular health to their immunity.  

The improvement of sleep behaviours is just one of many positive results provided by a short application of extreme but comfortable dry cold. Another example is pain management. Nearly everybody from a certain age experiences minor or major pains. These can be alleviated not just for the duration of a guest’s stay at a destination spa, but it also opens the door to finding and correcting the source of the pain – for instance, if it’s related to posture, etc.

Professional sportspeople all around the world use icelab -110 °C to optimise their training, performance and recovery. Spa operators can devise a great variety of treatment processes to improve their offer in the fitness and sports fields.

A cold sauna can be an important addition to your spa menu and spa philosophy.