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Day Spa and Salon Spa

Day spas or beauty salon spas offer guests the ability to integrate a spa experience into their daily life. Suitable recovery from a demanding workload or prolonged stress is needed in order to revitalise clients and prepare them for new challenges and tasks ahead.

Why cold sauna in day spas

The characteristic difference between a day spa and other forms of spa is the former’s location and orientation towards local customers, meaning that it’s accessible to a wider range of people.

Beside the general attraction of a cold sauna for spa concepts, the following is true especially for day spas:

A cold sauna offers a wide range of possibilities for partnerships with other types of facility, and cross selling packages with third parties.

When it comes to media attention and viral marketing, it’s exciting to be able to offer “the coolest place in town”.

This presents an opportunity to attract new customers and clearly differentiate your spa from other local offers.