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Connaisseur spa

Le crème de la crème of the spa business, these five-star spa facilities offer the highest standards and achieve a high degree of recognition in their field. They are located in extraordinary locations offering the finest accommodation, outstanding spa cuisine, highly educated staff always available to attend to a guest’s every need, alongside exceptional spa services with a complete range of wellness offerings. 

Cold Sauna in connaisseur spas

For connaisseur spas, a cold sauna is undoubtedly a “must-have”. Affluent guests expect a complete range of quality spa features and treatments, and icelab’s long list of exclusive private clients serves to highlight the importance of this for such exclusive destinations. 

In Vernon/Canada there exists a unique luxury hotel – Sparkling Hill Resort – which is the dream and creation of Mr. Gernot Langes-Swarovski.

The resort is an architectural gem, situated in a picturesque landscape, featuring one of a kind workmanship such as finishes using the renowned Swarovski Crystals. The hotel was one of the 2012 Fodor's 100 Hotel Award Winners, a winner in the 2012 SpaFinder Wellness Readers Choice Awards and the Senses Wellness Awards 2011 - World's Best Spa Resort in the Mountain Resort category. 

We thank our customers for the integration of the special icelab cold sauna into its exclusive spa concept.

Sparkling Hill Resort Video