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icelab has landed!

It’s perhaps the dream of every spa operator – a high value spa therapy that takes only a few minutes to deliver and that can even handle up to four people at a time. Your throughput and revenues with a Zimmer MedizinSysteme icelab have the potential to go through the roof!

With the right programming, pricing and special promotions, your initial investment in icelab will pay for itself in a relatively short space of time.

Because of its exclusivity, the arrival of icelab will do wonders for your marketing and PR, and has the power to spark the interest of both local and national press.

It’s an especially good tool for customer retention as clients can see instant results and therefore become motivated to follow a fuller programme (a medical programme could involve twice daily cold sauna visits over a two-week stay).

The benefits will also spread naturally, by word-of-mouth, and visually, as your clients will simply look and feel great and others will want to know their secret!

icelab inspiration

icelab is a serious proposition for spas, offering them solid results – but it’s also a product you can have fun with to greatly boost your facility’s appeal to potential new guests, ensuring that you’re THE spa they must try.

Firstly, the use of simple cold therapy technology makes icelab a pure, natural fit with the spa environment. There’s nothing artificial about icelab, and this makes it a perfect cross-selling tool with your other natural therapies.

Promote it as a perfect therapy to start a guest’s spa day, as a lunchtime pick-me-up for business clients from the local market, or as the ultimate evening cool down just before a dreamy spa sleep.

As it can be enjoyed as a group session, why not follow up the icelab experience with some imaginative post-icelab programming where guests can put their new-found energy to good use – anyone for icelab-Zumba or icelab-aerobics?

As the cold chambers also stimulates the mind and senses, a follow-up icelab-yoga or icelab-meditation would also be a great fit.

For the older (or even the younger) market, icelab’s wonderful effects on the skin make it a perfect enhancement to any effective anti-ageing programme.

For your sporting guests, icelab is a great complement (and antidote) to an active holiday, such as skiing, mountaineering, surfing or golf, helping them stay injury free while enjoying improved recovery and performance.

Finally, just let your imagination run wild! As icelab stimulates the senses on many different levels, a post-icelab package could include a relaxing classical music concert, an inspirational poetry reading or just an old-fashioned romantic candle-lit dinner for two. ‘icelab wellness’ is not only a physical state, but a mental and spiritual one too!