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A world of potential cold sauna (cryotherapy) treatment

If you have a spa, you can have an icelab! Whether you are already in the snow-capped mountains or located right next to a sandy beach, icelab can bring a uniqueness and selling point to your spa and wellness facility.

Do you have a spa in or near an airport? How about the icelab as the perfect foil to jetlag?

For day spas, the icelab has the power to greatly increase visits as operators can sell packages that run over the long term. Likewise, a destination spa can sell a twice daily cryotherapy package for the duration of a guest’s stay. It only takes a few minutes out of their day, becomes healthfully addictive and still gives your clients plenty of time to sample your other spa offerings.

With the cold sauna’s powerful effect on pain, it makes it a natural choice for the cruise ship spa market where guests tend to fall into the older age bracket. Or if you have a fitness facility and club spa, the icelab is guaranteed to attract the trendy young fitness fanatics who love the idea of icelab’s cutting edge technology and even more cutting edge results.

For medical and thermal spas, icelab can only improve and enhance your existing health offers.

Customers and benefits: Who will fall in love with the icelab?

icelab is an all-rounder in terms of the spa. The extreme cold sauna has the benefit of being a very pleasurable experience in itself, and can therefore appeal to all potential spa guests. 

It rapidly delivers benefits that could previously only have been achieved on an extended wellness holiday. Also, it’s a perfect first-day therapy for guests to ‘kick-off’ their wellness retreat and put them in the right frame of mind.

icelab’s deeper, more lasting results also make it a great fit with many different types of consumer health and wellbeing needs.

Special spa market segments could include:

  • Stressed out business executives who want a quick and effective way to de-stress
  • Wellness warriors who love all things spa and want to try out all the very latest offerings
  • Sports enthusiasts who want to improve their performance and optimise their training results (see more on icelab-inSports)
  • Those with general, niggling ailments (back pain, sleep problems) through to more serious conditions who are seeking a solution (see more on icelab-MEDICAL)
  • Those looking for anti-ageing treatments. With icelab, as the body relaxes and rejuvenates, the skin becomes firmer and more alive
  • Those looking to jump start their metabolism to aid weight loss. Extreme cold exposure is also known to stimulate the brown adipose tissue (the ‘good’ fat) which in turn can help burn the body’s unwanted white fat
  • Those who want quick results with minimum effort – icelab is perfect for them too!

Sports and medical applications

Doping is out, the icelab high is in! icelab is now a widely used therapy in the sports and medical world, used by many leading sports teams and individuals from Olympic training facilities to first class soccer clubs.

The regular use of icelab had been integrated into many elite sports training schemes and medical treatment plans.

For sportspeople, it encourages a quicker recovery from training and therefore helps to eliminate the risk of over-training, muscle soreness and injury. When injury does occur, the cold sauna can speed up muscle and ligament recovery and aid general rehab. It’s also known to increase stamina and reduce heart rate.

icelab has been used by CERS (Centre Européen de Rééducation du sportif) for recovery of performance, particularly in athletes exposed to high muscular loads through power exercises.

In the medical arena, there are many known benefits to cold therapy, including improved cardiovascular health, greater mental wellbeing and the alleviation of many inflammatory and immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and asthma, to name just a few.