Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Private Spa & Spa Suite

A private spa is located at home or in a closed spa area for individual use. Spa Suites are located in a hotel or resort. Both concepts offer an exclusive space where one can enjoy wellbeing in a very private atmosphere.

Cold Sauna in Private Spa & Spa Suites

The unique Cold Sauna icelab −110 °C involves not only a significant initial investment for a private person, but also sufficient space. Therefore, for private clients we’ve developed CryoVIP −85 °C – the “little brother” of icelab −110 °C. 

Ideal for clients who do not want to miss out on exclusive dry luxury “coolness” but who lack existing space in their private spa or spa suites. 

CryoVIP −85 °C is a pure wellness product designed for less frequent use than the professional icelab −110 °C. The small single room cold sauna for use by one person can be installed for private clients, very small spas and spa suites.

Download - Brochure CryoVIP −85 °C