Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Fitness, sports 'n spa

A smaller or larger fitness area is standard for hotel businesses with a spa, which often offer other sports activities to their guests as well. Special sport hotels / resorts / club hotels provide a variety of sports activities as a key differentiation for active guests.

From the other perspective, the fitness industry also has an eye on the spa market. Especially in the upper market segment fitness clubs offer increasingly larger wellness areas in response to customer demand.

icelab −110 °C in professional sports

For many years, an increasing number of professional sports clubs, federal training facilities and sports hotels are discovering icelab −110 °C as a useful treatment e.g. to: shorten rehabilitation times, speed up recovery, optimise training, increase performance, for pain management and for stress relief.   

The icelab −110 °C can be used before sports, in-between training units and/or after sports depending on one’s aim and individual conditions.

Cold Sauna connecting fitness, sports and spa

The icelab −110 °C connects perfectly fitness, sports and spa areas being a vital link between the different activities. The treatment is also attractive for guests who don’t have a priority for wellness or sports.

A complementary cold sauna follows the trend for more medical offerings in both sports and wellness. In the fitness industry, corporate health, back therapy treatments, etc are now very popular. Wellness providers are increasingly offering programmes for stress relief, weight reduction and general prevention.