Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Welcome to icelab – a medical-grade cold sauna for 21st century spas

Spas have always existed to pamper and beautify their guests in a luxurious, relaxing environment, but these days clients are seeking more than just a quick fix. 

Today, the most successful spas are those that are able to deliver real wellness results to their clients – offering benefits that start in the spa environment and last long after guests return home.

icelab is a perfect fit for the result-driven spa. It’s a whole body cryotherapy experience developed by the respected Zimmer MedizinSystems from Germany that takes the body briefly down to an environment of temperatures of -110C.

Using state-of-the art engineering, this cold sauna unit is already an invaluable asset to many leading sports trainings facilities and hospitals, where it can be used in a variety of cases, from increasing sports stamina to alleviating clinical depression.

For spas, a few minutes in the icelab not only delivers an instant feel-good sensation to your guests, but can help promote deeper relaxation, better sleep or reduced pain symptoms even after one short session.

It may look technical, but icelab is incredibly simple to operate and maintain and comes with all the safety features and reliability that you’d expect from a well established, high quality medical company like Zimmer MedizinSysteme.

It’s low on operating costs and energy consumption and requires minimal training, yet presents spas with a premium, sought-after product that can be offered at a premium price.