Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Zimmer MedizinSysteme

We place our expertise and our efforts in the service of human health. Our activities are equally guided by medical science, modern technologies and user needs.

We have been pursuing these goals since the foundation of the company in 1969 – with the aid of creativity, commitment and strict scientific methodology.

Corporate policies

Our mission

We use our expertise and actions to promote the health of our fellow human beings. In doing so, we give equal weight to medical science, modern technologies and user needs.

Our vision

In all that we do, our ultimate goal is to guarantee reliability and top quality. For this reason we continuously improve our procedures. Each of us takes the initiative when we see shortcomings or the need for action.

Our customers

Our customers are our livelihood. Therefore our goal is to keep customers highly satisfied. We are there for our customers and take an active role in meeting their needs. Individual responsibilities are not allowed to interfere with this goal.

Our corporate community

We are all part of our corporation and share in:

· its decisions and

· its success.

Our loyalty and our commitment contribute to its financial success and to our future.

Our interpersonal relationships

are marked by mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation. For this reason, communication is always solution-oriented and fair.